The event will take place at the "Hotel Fazenda Siriúba" (Av. Leonardo Realle 2552)

The arrival day for the school is January 4 (departure January 10). The arrival day for the conference is January 9 (departure January 16).

We will do our best to try to organize a bus from Guarulhos International Airport to Ilhabela (and vice-versa) on January 4  (January 16). However, we are yet unsure that we will be able to afford this transportation.

The best option to arrive at Ilhabela is through Sao Paulo airport (Guarulhos International Airport). You may get from Guarulhos International Airport to Ilhabela by the following steps:

1. Take a commercial bus directly from the airport to Sao Sebastiao. The bus companies are either "Litoranea Intermunicipal" or "Passaro Marrom" and they leave the airport at 7h00, 7h15, 11h15, 11h30, 16h30, 19h15, 20h00, and 22h15. The bus ride takes approximately four and a half hours.

The bus ticket can be bought just before the ride (although it is possible to buy them online). Buses to Sao Sebastiao/Ilhabela typically have lots of free seats.

2. Take the ferryboat from Sao Sebastiao to Ilhabela (which is an island). The boat ride takes approximately 20min and there are ferries every 30min (from 6am to midnight) or every hour (from midnight to 6am).

Tickets for the boat cannot be bought in advance.

3. The hotel is located approximately 9km north of the island, along the seashore. Options are taking a cab, taking the local bus called "Armação" (it leaves the pier approximately every hour, from 5h40 to 00h40) or even walking.

Both local organizers (Sasha and Carlos) will take their cars to Ilhabela. So, in the case of some unpredicted event, we may also drive a few participants from/to the airport. You are welcome to call Carlos' cell phone at any moment (+5516993572569).