1. Hotel price and reservation

1.1. Invited lecturers/speakers. The local expenses (food and accommodation) of every invited lecturer/speaker will be paid by the committee. Individual hotel rooms have already been booked for the invited lecturers/speakers. For information about accompanying persons, see the next item.

1.2. Other participants/students/accompanying persons. The price for those who wish to stay at the "Hotel Fazenda Siriúba" is R$215,00 per person per day. This includes the three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The organizing committee will book your room (if there are vacant ones) at the "Hotel Fazenda Siriúba" according to the information provided in the "registration form" (section 4 below).

1.3. Students. Depending on availability, it is possible that students attending to the school will have to share rooms. In that case, we can try to get a discount with the hotel management (there are no guaranties, though: prices are already very below the usual ones for the summertime in Ilhabela).

The arrival day for the school is January 4 (departure January 10). The arrival day for the conference is January 9 (departure January 16).

2. Poster

Students/participants who wish to submit a poster to the event should send it in a single pdf file to until 30/11/2014. After the event, a small book containing the posters will be made available.

3. Registration fee

There is a single and non-refundable registration fee of R$300,00 to be paid by those who wish to attend to the school, the conference, or both. Students pay half of the price.

3.1. Invited lecturers/speakers and foreign participants may pay the fee after their arrival in Ilhabela. Please be aware that, in order to have a room booked for an accompanying person, you have to fill the registration form (section 4).

3.2. Other Brazilian participants should pay the fee until 30/11/2014. Please note that hotel booking is subject to the payment of the fee. The payment should be made to

Carlos Henrique Grossi Ferreira
CPF 050.196.236-01
Banco do Brasil
Agência 7078-5
Conta Corrente 23786-8

and a legible, scanned receipt should be send as soon as possible to

4. Registration form

4.1. Invited lecturers/speakers do not need to fill the registration form unless they have accompanying persons.
4.2. Other participants are to fill the registration form.

Registration form